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A01 Evaluate the invasion strategic of Mesquite (Prosopis juliflora) in eastern Sudan using remotely sensed technique
A02 Mesquite (Prosopis spp.) water uptake under different simulated drought conditions
A03 To combat a negative heritage of combating desertification: Developing comprehensive measures to control the alien invasive species mesquite (Prosopis juliflora) in Sudan
A04 Root system development of Prosopis seedlings under different soil moisture conditions
B01 Effect of Sand Dunes Biological Fixation on Soil fertility and Ecosystem dynamics
B02 Phytodesalination of a salt-affected soil with the four halophytes in China
B03 Soil salinity control through halophytes in arid and semi arid area in Mauritania
B04 A field survey of soil conditions in steppe of north-eastern Mongolia
B05 Creation of Soils by Humic Substances and CO2 for Space Agriculture
B06 Southwest Kyzylkum desert landscapes soil salinity increase estimate
B07 Soil physical properties to grow the wild Licorice at semi-arid area in Mongolia
B08 Soil CO2 flux from desert ecosystems in western China
C01 Utilisation of Halophyte Species as New Sources of Bioactives Substances
C02 Technical Efficiency for Olive Growing Farmers in Tunisia and Potential Demand of Olive Oil in Japan
C03 Characterization of humic substances in sediment on Joumine reservoir in Tunisia
C05 Presentation Title: Valorization of bio-resources in semi-arid and arid land - Functional analysis group of STREPS project in Tunisia
C06 Phenotypic diversity analysis for salinity tolerance of Tunisian barley populations (Hordeum vulgare L.)
C07 Valorization of olive processing by-products: Characterization, investigation of chemico-biological activities and identification of active compounds
C08 Germination behaviour and wild plants adaptive strategies under arid conditions
D01 Estimation of Carbon Sequestration potential using satellite image analysis and ground truth
D02 Adaptive Fruit Structural Mechanisms of Asiatic Salsola species towards its Germplasm Conservation and Utilization 
D03 Presentation Title : Investigation of the effect of soluble factor in medium to electric elongation of Eucalyptus root
D05 Vegetation patterns of Asiatic Desert Plants Related to Water Regime and Survival Rate
D06 Plant biodiversity in semi-arid zone of Tunisia
E01 Rainfall harvesting to alleviate water shortages and combat desertification in the arid land of Jordan
E02 Changes in hydrologic regime of Aibi Lake and impact on its wetland-desert ecosystems in recent 60a
E03 Determination of Hydrogeological Parameters and Discussion of influence radius of pumping water in the interior of Taklimakan Desert
E04 Pumping test; Drawdown; Hydrogeology parameters; Taklimakan Desert; Shelter-forest Ecological Project
E06 Estimating the volume of runoff rainwater from in situ measured soil sorptivity
E07 Impacts of Fossil Groundwater Abstraction on Environment, Murzuq Basin (Sahara), Libya
E08 Effect Estimation of Dry-Toilet Application for Rural Farmer Family in Burkina Faso
F02 Effect of sulfur-humic acid on agricultural production including grape growth on saline-alkali soil in Gansu Province, P. R. China
F03 Efficacy assessment for several natural products with potential cytotoxic activity against breast and cervix cancers
F04 An analysis on propriety of paddy rice and upland crop rotation system in the lower Ili River Basin, Kazakhstan
F05 Physiological, biochemical and growth parameters of apple dwarf rootstock under effect of drought stress
G01 Interaction between Land Use and Land Degradation Processes in Arid Regions (the case of Kuwait)
G02 Climate Changes due to Overgrazing on the Tibetan Plateau – an Example at Damxung in the central part of the Tibetan Plateau
G04 First Steps in Addressing Land Degradation in Afghanistan
G05 Sustainable Land Management to Combat Desertification in Pakistan
G06 An Analysis of Root Biomass in a Sapling Cultivation Experiment for Afforestation on Salt Affected Land
G08 Appropriate Technology Requirement and Impact Projection for Rural Women in Arid Region of India
G09 The Significance and the Role of the Desert in the Coptic Monasticism: Monastery of St. Samuel as a Case Study
H01 Desalinization of a Salt-affected Field using a Rice Husk Underdrainage System
H02 Salt Tolerance of Potential Biofuel Crops during Establishment
H04 Vacuum distillation system using solar-heat for desalination
H05 Assessment of current ecological condition of the eastern part of the clay desert of a plateau Ustyurt
H06 Design and Development of Solar IT Kiosk for Remote area Development in Arid Regions of Bihar, India
H07 Water quality in the Lake Issyk-kul and the rivers flowing into it
H08 Experimental Investigation of Regenerative Effect on Built-in-Concentrator-Distillation System and its Comparative Analysis Vis-à-vis Single Slope Solar Still to produce irrigation quality water in Arid Regions
I01 Outbreak of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Transferred by Yellow Sand and Diffusion by Local Surface Wind in Miyazaki from March to July 2010
I03 Seasonal changes in water quality of rivers and ground water in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan
I04 Transpiration efficiency in sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] for increased water-use efficiency and drought tolerance
J01 What I learned from Professor Iwao Kobori: In China, Tunisia, Egypt, and Algeria (2005-2010)
J02 Change of Human Subsistence in Sahara Oasis
J03 Underground irrigation canals in the arid regions from high-resolution satellite Images and Fields work
J04 Qanat an Ancient Technique for Adapting to New Climate Changes
K01 An Idea for Ruins Research through cooperation with interpretation of the High-resolution Satellite Images, Archeology, Historical Documents and Geography
K02 Effect of climate and soil condition on oil content of Jatropha plants grown in arid areas of India
K03 Bundling environmental services from catchment reforestation
P01 The Aral Sea crisis and modern problems of protection of biodiversity and health of population in disaster zone
P02 The ancient prehistoric Neolithic Monuments in the Central Asian Kyzylmum Desert
P03 Revitalizing silk-road silk industry – a case study in Fergana Region, Uzbekistan
P04 The history and ecology of Aydar-Arnasay Lakes Ecosystems
P06 Sociological impact of Arid Afforestation Strategy in Bihar
P07 Computer Modelling of Heat Island Effect on HVAC Energy Efficiency
P08 Effect of Forgetting Factor on Gray Box Auto Regressive Exogenous Algorithm for Short Term Diurnal Temperature Forecast in Remote Area
P09 Sanitary-hygienic and esthetical meaning of lime tree for making environment healthier
P10 Design and Development of Solar Dryer for UV sensitive Arid Area Medicinal Plants
P11 Arid area health risk assessment in rain and wastewater utilization with reference to Western Australia
P12 Sandy soil microbial diversities under different site conditions of the drift sand area in Northwest China
P13 Perspective Plant Species for Stabilization of Sand Dunes on the Exposed Aral Seabed
P14 Structure of flower of Desert Annual Halophytes (Chenopodiaceae) related to fruit
P15 Cytotoxic profiling of some compounds of natural origin against HepG2 liver cancer cell line in-vitro
P16 Possibility of several agricultural wastes as a matrix of composting toilet in Burkina Faso
P17 Water Quality Monitoring the Chirchik River Basin, Uzbekistan
P18 The impacts of improving treated wastewater quality on farming systems and farmers' income: A comparison between Bir Romana and Beni Khiar areas - Nabeul- Tunisia
P19 Water Quality and Geospatial Visualization of Hydrological Data of Zarafshan River Basin
P20 Evaluating the Consumptive Water Use of Teff in Consideration of Soil Water Movement in Central Ethiopia
P21 Simple solar still using solar energy and compost heat for family use
P22 Deterioration of Karez in nomadic region of Mori County in Northeast Uyghur
P23 Preservation of Desert Hyper-saline Lakes, Quber-oun Lake (Southern Libya)
P24 Development of a process model based simulator for tree growth in arid conditions
P25 Trial on Supplemental Irrigation Technology during Rainy Season in Semi-Arid Area of Ethiopia
P26 Numerical calculation of soil water movement in a water harvesting system with sand ditches using HYDRUS-2D
P27 Modern problems of desertification and degradation of the lands of the Aral Sea Basin (Uzbekistan as a case study)
P28 Anthecology and seed productivity of Cynara scolymus L. in the condition of Uzbekistan
P29 Industrial plantations of Pistachio vera trees under sandy soils of Karakum Cold Desert
P30 Allometric Equations and Biomass Amount of Representative Tunisian Arid Land Shrubs for Estimating Baseline
P31 Selection of Afforestation Methods and Eucalyptus Species as a Countermeasure to Climate Change and Salinity Problem -A Case Study of Wheat Belt Area in Western Australia-
P32 Seasonal Variation of δ13C of Asiatic Desert Trees Related to Landscape Planning and Rehabilitation of Salt Affected Lands
P33 Characterization of humic substances in sediment on Joumine reservoir in Tunisia
P34 Anaerobic Degradation of Halophyte Biomass for Biogas Production
P35 Characteristics of Spatial Distribution of Above-ground biomass in the Bayan soum in Mongolia
P36 Influence of desertification pressing on Astragalus centralis E. Sheld. cenopopulations
P37 Effect of grazing pressure on the structure of rangeland plant community in Mongolia
P38 grazing intensity, land degradation, Mongolia, plant functional type
P39 What Kind of Vegetation Exists in the Central Eurasian Steppe? : Fundamental Information to Conserve the Vulnerable Steppe Vegetation
P40 Terrace Development Applied Water Harvest Technology for Stable NERICA Production in Uganda
P41 Biological peculiarities of Jerusalem artichoke variety Interest in conditions of Samarkand region of Uzbekistan
P42 Assessments of Floristic Composition,Spatial and Temporal Changes of Vegetation of Kyzylkum Desert
P43 Studies On Vegetation Characteristics Of Artificial Fenced Region In Ning Xia Liuyangpu
P44 Effect of grazing and drought on plant diversity of the Stipa tenacissima L. grasslands in the Matmata Mountains, southern Tunisia
P45 Spatial and temporal patterns of NDVI response to precipitation and temperature in Mongolian Steppe
P46 Developing the monitoring method for plant water stress using spectral reflectance measurement
P47 Effect of tillage methods on productivity of winter wheat in the Aral Sea Basin of Uzbekistan
P48 Advances in Breeding for Improved Drought Tolerance in Maize by Using Exotic germplasm
P49 Developing the index for determine the optimal harvest timing of Lagenaria siceraria.
P50 The suitable conditions to cultivate medicinal plant licorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis) by using pipe-shaped pot against desertification
P51 Investigation into Sand Movement around a Column Using Wind Tunnel
P52 Development of in-situ device for measuring soil moisture profiles in arid lands
P53 Cultivation of Licorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis) under constant groundwater level for greening
P54 Utilization of forestry residue in erosion control and soil moisture conservation
P55 Applicability of GPR to Measure Soil Moisture Content of Kanto Loam
P56 Analysis of changes in soil water content under subsurface irrigation using ground penetrating radar
P57 Effect of Soil and Water Conservation Practices for Sustainable Agriculture: Case of Study Watershed in Tunisia
P58 Study on prevention methods of seepage and evaporation losses from the consecutive irrigation reservoir system
P59 Using Landsat ETM+ to detect some soil characteristics in Egypt
P60 Preliminary results surface and soil characteristics of Brandt’s vole (Microtus brandti) habitat in Central Mongolia using satellite data
P61 Phytodesalination: a solution for salt-affected soils in arid and semi-arid regions
P62 Haloindication effect and kinetism of salt accumulation by leaves of Suaeda species
P63 Study on Soil Salinization of Shelterbelts along the Tarim Desert Highway
P64 Effect of gravel layer on suppressing capillary rise of saline groundwater
P65 Salinization of Irrigated Lands: The Middle Rio Grande Experience
P66 Effect of atmospheric pressure on evaporation in Central Ethiopia
P67 Climate Change Vulnerability and Mitigation Strategy in Arid region of India
P68 Effect of Difference in Rainfall Patterns and Intensities on Runoff Simulation Results in Arid Land
P69 Effect of salinity on grain yield and quality of wheat and genetic relationships among durum and common wheat
P70 Combating desertification and adaptation to climate change: local knowledge and adaptive strategies of human populations of South Tunisia
P71 Soil amendment by sediment from water storage reservoir as a restoration technique in secondary treated wastewater irrigated area at El Hajeb region (Sfax-Tunisia)
P72 Sensitivity of in vitro bioassays towards several water origins in Tunisian arid and semi-arid area
P73 Optimization of a physicochemical pretreatment combined with biological treatment for a highly loaded wastewater with anionic surfactants, using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
P74 Effects of Enrichment of Refined Olive Oil with Phenolic Compounds from Olive Leaves during Storage
P75 Wastewater treatment for a possible reuse in semi-arid zone
P76 Application Example of the Small Solar Pumping System in the Djiboutian Wadi Agriculture
P77 The Possibility to Adapt the Shaft Tillage Cultivation Method (STC) to Arid Land Farming
P78 Current Situation and Issues on Agriculture of Afghanistan

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